the universe within

January 31, 2011

the universe within
total silence
years light that could be made in a second
have my new helmet on
my new space suit
now i’m invincible
but as i’m opening the narrow hatch
i wonder if i’d ever find you
if you want to be found


coffee and popcorn

November 11, 2010

living on coffee and popcorn
looking out the kitchen window
when we want to see the world

master on this, disappoint you again
dreaming the dreams inside our dreams
we would remember if there was
something worthy enough

waiting for the streetcar
to take us far from here
empty when I write

we love getting wet in the rain
but afraid of turning just like them

i miss the one i don’t know

hiding when I walk
hiding when we talk

no wonder you look so pale

empty as we walk
empty as we talk