sometimes I write stuff, garbage most of it. the problem is that keeping garbage at home.. you know sooner or later it starts to smell.

so what to do? great idea, throw them to the big garbage can of blog-world.

now you know what kind of stuff you’re gonna find here.



p.s. all the… well, everything I write whether is pure shit or half altered one, is protected by very strict and powerful international laws, rules and what nots, that will make you sorry you ever existed if you in any way attempt to copy and paste any of it anywhere in this and any other parallel universe known to man. But the big question is, WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT TO DO THAT? For those reasons beyond my imagination, if you want to use any of this, please ask and bribe accordingly.

My condolences.


– dude! that was so funny, you know why?

— because it’s so true!!

– LOL yeeeeah.. I think we’re starting to get to know each other

— yeeep!


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