porque te quiero

April 26, 2011

i would lend you my legs 
i’d carry them and feel 
what you feel every day 
and you’d have some rest 
wake up fresh 
with no worries ahead 

and i’d lend you my back 
that can carry so much weight 
strong and committed 
and i’d take yours 
and feel what you feel every day 
and understand what nobody can 
that loneliness brought by the pain 
i’d call you on the phone 
just to hear how happy you are
how fresh 

i’d lend you my fingers 
and i’d lend you my hands 
they are calm and firm 
caring and safe 
you’d feel them 
and the feel of all things through them 
and you’d rest without worries 
again, safe 
and i’d feel your hands 
the numbness and all 
the shaking of what is uncertain 
but hands that i’d be so proud of having 
for they are calm and safe 
a bit numb but full of love 
and still so brave 

i’d lend you my brain 
even if it’s a bit damaged : ) 
but free of strains 
free of the knots and scars 
that slows down your breath 

and you’d dance through the day 
without worries 
sing with the strength of an animal 
released into the wild again 
and you’d stretch every part of your body 
feeling every particle of air 
landing on your skin 
on any part of it 
a singing bird sending waves 
through your back, your legs, your hands 
and i’d keep holding my breath for you 
and feeling through you 
singing through you 
i’d carry it if only for a little while 
what nobody wants 
invisible but so harsh 

and i’d be proud 
very very proud 
porque te quiero 

to Anette 

strong enough

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